We Are Just Who Are and Can’t Be Anyone Else

We Are Just Who Are and Can’t Be Anyone Else


20140321-142213.jpgI wanted to write about a topic I’ve written on before but it seems to receive a welcome response every single time I write about it. The topic is being satisfied with our bodies and maybe even more than that, who we are as a person.

Recently, I avoided running into someone I knew who made the comment that I was 30 lbs heavier than the last time they saw me and that even though I was still pretty…

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In this Little Life

In this Little Life


I think that in these little lives we lead it is vital to immerse ourselves in culture, in society, and in varied points of view. It is difficult to leave our judgements of events and people behind but it is absolutely necessary for us as culture to do this to encourage ourselves and others to think and not just consider the first thing we hear to be the truth. Sometimes the truth is something…

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Automatic - Hey Whatever Happened to…

Automatic – Hey Whatever Happened to. . .


” … It all just seems so good the way we had it back before everything became Automatic…” – Miranda Lambert

HealthSometimes life speeds up and sometimes life slow downs. I feel as if this summer has sped on by and I haven’t had the chance to enjoy it. I have spent a great deal of time sleeping and in bed and the situation has not…

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Liquid Eyeliner Pens: Lancome, Stila, and Tarte

Liquid Eyeliner Pens: Lancome, Stila, and Tarte



1. Lancome Artliner 24H – $37.00 (lancome.ca) – Today I want to share with you some of my experiences using different liquid eyeliners. The one that I have used for years is not quite a pen but has a great pointy foam brush on the tip of the applicator and you dip that in the liquid eyeliner and apply it to your eyeline. It is called Lancome Artliner 24H and comes in a…

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How Much Are We In Control?

How Much Are We In Control?

I’m attempting to understand in unforeseeable circumstances, in a life full of problems, and of problems that continue to become worse, how much control do we really have? As much as I hear it I don’t think the ” You can do it just try harder” answer often works. Or more to the point, it may work for the little control in life we do have but it doesn’t work for that large gray area in life we can…

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Nexxus Color Assure Shampoo and Conditioner

Nexxus Color Assure Shampoo and Conditioner


NexxusGenerally, I’m not a big fan of drugstore shampoo and conditioners unless they are from a salon brand because I don’t find that long term they work as effectively on your hair as salon shampoos and conditioners. I don’t mean to be a snob about this it is just my personal experience. I have long blond hair that I often highlight and/or lowlight a lighter or different colored blond (my own color is…

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