Blogging 201 - 3 Goals for Blogging


20130424-193643.jpgIt is an interesting task trying to figure out 3 concrete goals you would like to achieve on your blog. I think because there are many goals that run across my mind and when I think of putting something down concretely it means you actually have to do it. One actually has to try to achieve those goals:

1. Spend more time reading my followers blogs– I had taken a Writing 201 course last month and…

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#writing #Thanksgiving

It’s difficult to not write everyday now that the Writing 101 course is over. I had become use to being given an idea and then simply running with it for an hour or so each day. But now I am sitting in front of my laptop and it’s hard to come up with an idea to write about even though the point of the course for me in the beginning was to gain ideas for writing. But…

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Poetry - Learning to Forget

Poetry – Learning to Forget



Forget, go out of your way into this day and age and forget.
Fight not to remember, but to let go, he said hello, you say goodbye.
I forgave you before, I did not sit and deplore myself or you.
I forgot, but you need to understand to forget some people in life takes more than courage.
No more empathy, or remembering, just be on your way.
Be friendly, be polite because you might just forget…

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Poetry – Disapointment

If you could feel a quiver of what I feel, You wouldn’t feel anything at all, there’s a numbness it’s spreading like quicksilver.

Poetry – Disapointment

If you could feel a quiver of what I feel, You wouldn’t feel anything at all, there’s a numbness it’s spreading like quicksilver.

Writing 101 - My Dog and Living Things



My most treasured possession passed away last March. Her name was Nikki and she was favorite dog ever. I wrote a few blog posts on her passing as she was becoming sick and when she was gone so I will just put the links in for you to read:

That Day Came My Dog is Old


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Writing 101 - The Wise Teacher Loss

Writing 101 – The Wise Teacher Loss


I have already complained and exclaimed in my blog many times about my health problems. And when it’s suited the prompt, I have shared details about my issues during this course. But I didn’t set out wanting to do that. You see, it’s extremely easy to get caught in your problems, to drown yourself in them, if you allow yourself to be pulled in that direction. I found myself before this writing…

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Writing 101 - Mrs Pauley

Writing 101 – Mrs Pauley


Do you see her lying there on the stretcher? The police and the paramedics around her and all the neighbours standing by shuffling their feet and talking quietly. Well, that’s Mrs. Pauley as stiff as a door nail, dead. She was a curious old thing but Mom said she’s lived there in this house where we’re gathered on the driveway, forever. She had six kids, didn’t pay her mortgage, never came out…

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Dry Shampoos: The Best and the Worst

Dry Shampoos: The Best and the Worst #beauty #dryshampoo

1. Dove Dry Shampoo(aprox. $7.00 Shoppers Drugmart) – Dry Shampoo, according to what I’ve learned, is supposed to do two things to your haiir: Dry Shampoo is supposed to give it life for a second day (make it cleaner by absorbibg oil) and it is also supposed to volumize your hair. The best dry shampoos are so good as volumizers that you can use them to rough up your hair and…

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